Remote-monitoring solutions

ME Karana is an open source monitoring and data analytics platform for renewable energy access technologies in the Global South. It was developed as an alternative to conventional monitoring devices and completely relies on open source software and hardware.

Karana comes with a ready-to-use backend with which data is communicated. It captures, stores and visualizes the data, using a variety of reliable open source tools.

The hardware of the Karana platform is completely open-source. This includes the electrical layout and firmware, which was programed with the Arduino IDE. The same applies to the backend and the data visualization tools. 


ME soldesign offers all kinds of services around these technologies - have a project in mind? Please contact us!


A Karana that can remote-monitor most common solar-home-systems, includes:

  • GSM modem
  • 3 voltage sensors
  • 3 current sensors
  • 1 temperature sensor
  • easy-to-use open-source software libraries


A Karana that remote-monitors typical small-wind-turbines, be it AC or DC-based systems. Its features include:

  • GSM modem
  • up to 3 non-touch current sensors
  • up to 3 voltage sensors
  • optional: connections for anemometers
  • easy-to-use open-source software libraries


Remote monitoring biogas plants, together with our partner organisation.

  • GSM modem
  • pressure sensor
  • temperature sensor
  • optional: gas sensor, other
  • easy-to-use open-source software libraries


Test, upgrade or implement your solar-home-system-project with PAYG hardware - why spend valuable time on developing your own solution, when you can do first field-tests with our open-source hardware? This allows you to move quickly while staying independent thanks to:

  • GSM modem
  • voltage- and current sensing
  • remote switching through our Backend
  • easy-to-use open-source software libraries

...your project!

With our experience in Energy Access as well as rapid-prototyping and access to our open-source toolbox, we can quickly react to your specific project ideas and help you accelerate your R&D, product development and field-testing.

Backend and Data visualisation

Your data needs to be stored somewhere - secure and easy to scale. Can be offered as a hosting solution, or you can self-host thanks to our open source philisophy.

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