GSM-enabled hardware and software platform for energy access technologies

ME Karana is an open source monitoring and data analytics platform for renewable energy access technologies in the Global South. It was developed as an alternative to conventional monitoring devices and completely relies on open source software and hardware.

Karana comes with a ready-to-use backend with which data is communicated. It captures, stores and visualizes the data, using a variety of reliable open source tools.

The hardware of the Karana platform is completely open-source. This includes the electrical layout and firmware, which was programed with the Arduino IDE. The same applies to the backend and the data visualization tools. 


  • GSM ready
  • Remote update / config
  • Accurate, reliable measurement of generation, storage and loads
  • Local data buffering for regions with intermittent GSM connectivity 
  • <15 mA average self-consumption
  • On-board Arduino footprint
  • No-solder pin connection


Because of its open source characteristics, no lock-in effect will occur. The users are profiting from a lean way to do research, develop their businesses or conduct field studies in the energy access sector. Open Source Technology enables the utilization of modern technology without the pains of lengthy development or proprietary battles.

Completely open and highly adaptable to context-specific needs of researchers & entrepreneurs

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